Glow in the dark hair extensions and more fun hair!

image WTFHair Novelty Hair

Introducing an all new novelty hair items brought to you by WTFHair products.

Glow in the Dark Hair

Glow in the Dark Hair does just that – it simply glows in the dark!  Just charge the hair under sunlight or florescent light for a few minutes, go somewhere completely dark, and watch your hair GLOW!

Chameleon Hair

Chameleon Hair mysteriously changes color from white to pink under sunlight.  Just charge it under florescent light and step outside, and before you know it your hair will change color from white to pink.  You’ll leave your friends baffled!

Neon Hair

Our Neon hair is perfect for night clubs or raves, because it simply illuminates under black light.  It comes in orange and green, so get yours now and watch the vibrant colors come to life!

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